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Waldkirch Mechanical Organ Festival 2014

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Waldkirch Mechanical Organ Festival 2014

Postby admin » Sun Sep 15, 2013 2:30 pm


Waldkirch Mechanical Organ Festival 2014

Tour dates June 26th (Thursday) – 30th June (Monday) 2014.

Dear All

Waldkirch 2014 is coming up next year. For those who don’t know of this festival, it is held in a small, picturesque town in the foothills of the Black Forest and was the place where many of the older generation of mechanical organ builders had German workshops such as the Black Forest Gavioli, Limonaire as well as home grown Ruth and Bruder, plus a whole host of other builders, but you’ll find out about them when you are there! Nowadays there is the well-known mechanical organ builders Jaeger & Brommer, Fleck workshop, so the mechanical organ tradition continues, plus the most famous Eltzal museum that houses excellent organs and some very unique instruments donated to the collection over many years; the amazing Gustav Bruder music arranging drum with its many gear sequences is also here, but to tell you about all of the show would take up many pages, but there are jazz bands, south American music, in fact so much that most will only dream about!

The show hosts many instruments from the smaller hand turned instruments from all over Europe and the Americas, as well as many of the larger instruments from around Germany and Northern Europe and again some rare and unusual instruments will be seen. The town itself is a Mecca for mechanical organ enthusiasts who come from all over the world, and it is the opportunity of meeting up with old friends and of course making many new ones.

The show spreads out throughout the whole town and even into the park and zoological gardens. This town, so well-known throughout the world literally comes alive to the sound of music with all shop keepers working with the festival, for you to relish the whole experience with plenty of beer gardens and food halls and of course at this time of year, the fruit is ripe so some of the loveliest cakes are here too!

Linda and I have been in touch with Eurostar and have a provisional booking for the journey down to Waldkirch 2014. We therefore need to know how many people will be going on the trip so that the rail company can give us the best rate for the journey.

I order for this to happen we will need a deposit of £100 and a completed booking form so that the payments can be made to secure the places needed.

The cost is £399 in a twin and £450 in a single, less the deposit of £100.

The departure will be from St. Pancras International (12.29pm) arriving at Paris Nord. It then departs from Paris Est arriving in Strasbourg where you will be met by coach who will take you to Oberwinden. Here you will have your accommodation and food can be supplied by the hotel owner if you wish. A rail ticket is supplied free of charge to get you to the Waldkirch festival, or alternatively, you can go on your own trip around the area on the same ticket. The scenery is quite stunning as you would expect in this area of Germany.

For those who are interested, I have attached a booking form to the History in Harmony Update email, which you will be able to download.

We have also been asked about two other places: Dordt in Stoom is 23rd - 26th May, 2014 and Karlsruhe Model Engineering Exhibition 2014 is 10th –12th January. Again if you are interested, please let us know as soon as possible as we need to know numbers early due to far too many variable factors to list here!

If you know of others who might be interested in this tour, could you please pass it on. Thanks.

We also keep being asked whether we will do Karlsruhe – so depending upon confirmed numbers, which needs you to reply quickly due to transportation, hotels and collections.

For more information please write to boz at historyinharmony.com or contact Peter Davis
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