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Just got a Broadwood player piano!

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Just got a Broadwood player piano!

Postby Mitosynth » Sun May 16, 2021 10:53 am

Hello everybody, I am now the proud owner of a broadwood player pianoforte (with steel barless frame;) The player is not functional at the moment but the piano part is pretty good, it’s concert pitch with only a few slow hammer returns. My first task will be to sanitise, as there are signs of rodents and moths here and there. It was free (well, 1quid on eBay) but cost a lot to transport up to Glasgow from Yorkshire. The piano movers respectfully asked not to be considered if it needs moved again because of the weight! I’m very happy with it but the misses is not so enthusiastic for some reason, no idea why! any way, thanks for reading, all the best
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