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Rescue a Player Piano from being smashed up

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Rescue a Player Piano from being smashed up

Postby anthonywornum » Mon Aug 19, 2013 8:40 am

This sounds dramatic but... There is a player piano in Northamptonshire that will be destroyed if it cannot find a new home before the 16th of September. Inside the lid it says "BELL, Canada and London" and it was in my family for many years, I remember hearing it playing in the 1960s, the piano sound was very sweet but by then it was obvious that the player action was already leaking and needed attention as it did not play rolls very well.

When my parents moved to the village of Ravensthorpe in Northamptonshire there was no room for the player piano and it was placed into a covered outbuilding with a cloth over it and forgotten for 40 years. It has not been rained upon but the outbuilding is basically a deep carport therefore the ambient temperatures of 40 summers and winters have taken their toll. I looked at it yesterday and it is in a sorry state: a few notes play; some of the keys are stuck down; the unworking player action is still inside (I don't know what make it would be). There is of course a lot of dirt and dust and basically it is a huge restoration job but I offer it here just in case anyone would be happy to undertake it and be rewarded with a fine sounding instrument at the end.

Needless to say it is free to anyone who wants to collect it before the 16th of September, which is the completion date on the sale of the house.

E-mail me at ant501(at)hotmail(dot)com for further information. I am a PPG member and I live in London.
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